Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pulling a George Carlin today: List of S%$T that Pisses Me Off

Yesterday and today have consisted of enough tiny frustrations that I simply have to vent. As the late George Carlin used to do, I'm gonna give you a list in rant form of SHIT THAT PISSES ME OFF. :)

First of all, lets start out with what's on TV and Radio:

*The Vice President's F-Bomb slip up. Get it right, people, it wasn't a "slip up." He meant to say it and meant what he said. The Health Care Bill and its passing IS a "big f%#$&ng deal!" We can't forget that though he's a soulless politician like the rest of them, he IS still somewhat human. Stop freaking out! It's not that deep!

*The craze of SEX ADDICTION that's hit Hollywood. Tiger Woods and Jesse James have been hailed as addicts of sex due to their several indiscretions outside of their marriages. Don't be fooled. Notice that the women that they've been "linked" to have all been model quality women. A REAL addict would sleep with meat grinder if it meant getting off when the urge strikes! These men aren't Sex Addicts, ladies and gentlemen, they're simply UNFAITHFUL DOGS!

Now to real life stuff:

*When you're waiting for an elevator, and the door opens, and there's PEOPLE INSIDE...let them get out first before getting on! I don't care how big of a hurry you happen to be in, the time space continuum will collapse and the earth's crust won't displace if your fat ass isn't down in the cafeteria by 11:02 EXACTLY!

*Do not sit down at a restaurant or go to a coffee bar and simply say, "What's good?" What's good...let's see here...Oh, I know: Time Management and Decisive Action! If you were REALLY that hungry/thirsty, you'd already be sifting through the menu for something that would make your mouth water instead of asking stupid questions to which the answer is either EVERYTHING or NOTHING. Ugh!

Well, that's it for today. Enjoy. :)
Whew, I feel better!

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Kimmy said...

Well said, I hate that elevator shit as well:)