Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Working out again...

Well, I started working out again...I have definately found, to my dismay, that running on a treadmill while watching TV is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better and more effective than running outside in a park. I tried running at Shawnee Mission park the other day and ended up only walking for about 10 miles...yesterday, I ran on a treadmill and watched CSI with a girlfriend of mine and ran non stop for a half hour...to top it off, I don't feel sore today. So, I think I'll stick to the unnatural to get back in shape for softball and summer bikini season!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Alright...now that Carly went home, Jason Castro has one week to get off that show before I boycott!!! :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Just rants from another Petty family member...

I hate bill collectors! I hate bill collectors almost as much as being SICK! In fact, I hate bill collectors AND being sick almost as much as running (which I ALSO plan on picking up again)! By the time April's over, I'll be broke, sore, and probably, considering MY luck, still sick!!! Grrrrrrrrr...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Good Lord, are you happy? Now, my blog looks sissy-like and as not-quite-unique as I could make it! Enjoy... :P

I'll have you know that this is the face I'm making at you RIGHT NOW!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ummm...ouch. I just got home from playing my first softball game in nearly 5 years. I hurt in places I've managed to forget I had! After the game (which was in Lawrence) I drove the longest 45 minutes home I have ever driven! I have grass and dirt stains on my knees, elbows, hands, and shoulder from sliding and diving and what not...God, I love this game!!! I just figured I'd share this with you guys before I actually HAD to wake up in the morning with these aches and pains...then, I'm pretty sure, I'll HATE this game...that is, until I play the double header coming up next Monday :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Someone else's blonde moments...

Three men are sitting upon a large steel post high above the city (just like that painting of the working men in the Depression on a sky scraper construction site). They start opening their lunch boxes to see what's to eat. The Latino puts his head in his hands, "If that woman makes me burritos one more time, I'm jumping to my death!" The Asian man to his left laughs then opens his pail to dismay, "AHHH, eggrolls again! I can't take it anymore! I'll jump with you, man!" The blonde man to their left giggles to himself as he opens his brown bag. He pulls out a ham and cheese sandwhich. "That's it! No more ham and cheese or I'll jump too!"

The next day arrives and the three friends sit down together for lunch. The Latino open his lunch box and screams, "Burritos? Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!" He then proceeds to plumit to his death. The Asian man lifts the lid and yells, "Eggrolls! Shit!!!" With nothing else to say, he jumps off the post and falls to his death. The blonde opens his brown bag, and without saying a word, pushes himself off the post aswell.

The day of the funeral, the wives of the three dead workers, with tears in their eyes, discuss the tragedy. The Latina wimpers, "If I'd only known that he hated burritos, I would have never made them for him!" The Asian woman cries, " I didn't know if I made him eggrolls he would kill himself...I'd have never fed them to him had I known!" The both turn to the blonde man's wife for her words of remorse. With a suprised expression on her face, she says, "Don't look at me, guys, he made his own lunch!"

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Don't call me "babe"

I had a lady (customer) come into today. She asked for a small coffee. She ALWAYS asks for a small coffee, and she's always been nice about it. She's a doctor...and in her late 40's I'd imagine. I gave her her coffee then asked her (As I ALWAYS do) how she was going to pay (you know, with cash or whatever)...I suppose I called her "babe" when I asked cuz she lit on FIRE!!! "Don't call me babe." She huffed. "I'm too old to be called, 'babe.' In fact, I'd recommend not call ANYONE 'babe.'" In the back of my head, I heard the hissing of a very ugly, mangled cat, but she was a blonde lady in scrubs...I guess there's just something about 8 years of Medical School that can make an ASSHOLE outta anyone...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Brown spotted hoodie...

Okay, so Manda found out today how difficult it is to REALLY clean up coffee grounds :P It's damn near impossible! I was wearing my nice, fleece Old Navy hoodie to work (which is a bad choice for your future reference), and without missing a beat, I proceeded to dump freshly ground Espresso on myself! I can't honestly tell you what came out of my mouth, but luckily for me, the customer was a good friend of mine. Just think of it this way: Her only response was, "Oh, Manda, is THAT coffee talk?" God, I love my job...