Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I growled at someone today...I will repeat that...I GROWLED at someone today. Now, just to make sure my grandma doesn't scold me on Blogspot, this person did not actually HEAR the growl.

This person is a repeat offender of the constantly picky order, every day bad attitude, and no tip...EVER. I don't expect tips, just to throw it out there, but I enjoy them quite a bit. Let's just say I don't turn them down! However, I think it goes without saying, if I have to put up with this crotchity ol' doctor's Holier-Than-Thou complex and piss poor social skills, I SHOULD GET A LIL EXTRA ON THE SIDE FOR IT! They pay me to make drinks, take money, and smile...they don't pay me ENOUGH to deal with rabid doctors and nurses..of which there are many!

They're not that smart here either, and that scares me. I had a nurse the other day ask me if the items on my FRAPPE menu were the same as FRAPPACCINOS...yeah, I know..."are you Frappe's the same thing as Frappaccinos?" Hmmmm...I should have just messed with her and ask if she drinks them in from the cafe or the bottle! But, once again, I was being tolerant. Not a very Petty type trait more often than not, wouldn't you agree?

The fact that that person has a needle and medications at her disposal should terrify even the most rugged of patients!

Oh well, just another day in paradise! Ugh...

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