Monday, March 22, 2010


That's right, I said it! BIKINI SEASON.
If that doesn't strike angst into the heart of every woman, I don't know what would...other than tax season. It's a time when women unite in their struggle to get rid of the fluff that has developed over the last two seasons of gorging and gluttony. There are some who go the au natural approach and just start free running the sidewalks. I would do this, but ask any doctor and they'll say it's hell on your knees. Then there's the all too infamous GYM MEMBERSHIP...expensive and inconveniently optional. Why go out of my way to work out with a bunch of other gluttons whom I've never met when I could be sitting at home practicing my religion of preference: March Madness? I also simply just don't have the money. I also no longer have the treadmill! Why does this keep going down hill? So, THIS is my solution: from now on, with the exception of my cheat day (problem will be keeping it to ONE), I will only consume fresh or freshly cooked chicken/turkey/lean beef and veggies. My desserts will be replaced by fruits. Can I possibly enforce how much this is going to suck?! I think I have! Water, protein, fruits and veggies...ugh. The working out will consist of Karate, Softball, and a little running in the woods if possible...oh yeah, and weights and Pilates at home. As you can see, I'm just bursting out of the seams with excitement! It will be worth it again, I hope. Anyone got a treadmill I can have? ;)


Ray I. said...

Glad to see you back on the blog. Sounds like you have a plan.
Love you, Grandma

Amy said...

Personally, I have to stand next to your skinny but in a swim suit, so if you gain a few pounds I wouldn't mind;) Come chase Austin around! It's a great work out and way more rewarding than going to the gym! His new favorite game is "chase me around the house then pick me up, then put me down then repeat..."

Kimmy said...

I am with Amy on this one eat pizza and drink some beer it will make the rest of us look better:)