Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rare moment of clarity...

I know, it doesn't happen too often, cuz I'm a dreamer, but it CAN! I realized in the middle of this semester, which has kicked my ass by the way, that I am just spinning my wheels here! I am not really GOING anywhere. So, I came to the conclusion that I needed to just bite the bullet and go for an actual degree...a degree in business, so that way I have that AND still do what I want to do. Some may know that I actually WRITE. I write screenplays. I would love to see them on screen one day, but I need to be realistic enough to know that I need to survive in case that doesn't pan out or doesn't work til much later in life. It would surprise most to know that I'm good with, business and accounting wouldn't actually KILL me. I wouldn't LIKE it, but who DOES like what they do all the time? It'll be a means to make money WHILE I do what I love.
It means that my social life will have to go on hold for a while, but it will be worth it and they'll understand.
I don't WANT to grow up, but that doesn't really seem like an option so much as a MUST. :( Sigh...I'll just have to be young at heart.

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