Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This Isn't a Good Week...

I figured that seeing as how this was kinda an off week, where I didn't really have anything "due" in school til NEXT week, that I'd have a nice breather...I was wrong. Found out that my finished product in one class wasn't finished after all, so I had to fix it, which had me at a video production lab til 10pm! Then, a slight misunderstanding takes the wind out of my sails on an otherwise AWESOME relaxing day! After this, I have to go to Karate and get thrown (we're doing Judo this week), then to Speech where I'll have to listen to other people give THEIRS cuz I gave mine last week!

I haven't been able to sleep even in spite of being in bed at a decent hour...just totally had the wrong impression of this week before it even started!


Amy said...

At least you had a "breahter" week to do all that in. Just imagine having all that piled up on a regular week! The cup's have full sis;)

Aunt Sue said...

Hang in there. We love you.
Grandma Ike