Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nurse's week at work...proof that the devil's really running the show here on Earth. It's bad enough that the nurses in the hospital at which I work can DO and/or SAY whatever they want to whomever they choose, but now the hospital is honoring them by, you guessed it, giving them FREE COFFEE at my bar. So, now I have to put up with ALL of the snooty nurses along with my nice ones who's company I actually enjoy! This is going to be a long rest of the month...oh yeah, did I mention that the "don't call me BABE" lady is a nurse supervisor in Med Surg! Woohoo!


Jenn said...

Now as much as I think that nurses do a thankless job I don't think they have the right to be snooty to the fab barista!
At least it's only one week!

Amy said...

Now sis, you know that I will "toof chip" anyone who messes with my lil' sis, and I in no way condone treating people that way. However, I do know that some nurses work 13+ hours and are sometimes mistreated by "higher ups" as well. This is no excuse but may explaine the attitude. But you know me...I would just say "look, I know you work hard, but before you come to my part of the hospital you need to remove what ever crawled up your butt."