Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Almost ready for vacation...

I am more than ready to head out to San Diego, but I don't know if all my STUFF is ready to go. I have to borrow a suitcase from Cousin Jen, but she doesn't get back from HER vacation til Wednesday (I think). I even have all the rides to and from the airport worked out...I have been making a HUGE list of things I need to take and I'm really hoping not to forget anything (like I manage to do 90% of the time). We shall see.
Oh, I saw the Indiana Jones movie with my mom this past weekend and I was AWSOME!!! Vintage Indy, but with a bizarre ending if you ask me. Very well done.


Aunt Sue said...

Gramma is trying to answer this blog. She is having a problem.

Aunt Sue said...

Roll a full days clothes from bottom to top. Saves room and you can just pick out a roll each day.
Pack some munchies in your purse for the plane as they rarely feed anyone anymore. Even water costs so go to the kitchen and ask them to fill your plastic cup. Take 50 sunblock/Paba free. Have a great time. Love Grandma

Jenn said...

I'll be back on Wednesday evening.
The suitcases are in the attic to the right at the top of the stairs.
Use what you need and water the plants on the porch :-)