Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kissed a Bartender..., here's how the whole thing went down. Keep in mind: I don't drink much or often. However, as you can see from the picture, I had drank...enough. My friend, Sarah, had her bachelorette party the weekend before last. There were hard hats, caution tape, and a party bus involved...oh yeah, and a crap load of BEER. I had fun, from what I can remember. I ended up home in one piece! Well, not but a week later, I notice a number in my phone that I did not recognize. Come to find out that the number belongs to a bartender (ahem, a HOT bartender) at one of the places we visited while on the party bus. As I have heard it, I kissed him too. Nothing crazy, just a peck. I think, considering that I don't remember it, it must not have been that great...or I was drunk, pick one. Case and point: I KISSED A HOT BARTENDER!!! Not a bad way to go, eh?


Kimmy said...

Too funny!

Amy said...

Wow! Cute bartenders can be trouble;) Looked like you were having fun, and my motto is "if you don't remember it, it didn't happen" That's how I can say I was an angel through High School and college!

Amy said...

Auntie Amanda...Are you still alive?


MUD said...

Kiss 'em but don't marry one. How's school going for you?