Sunday, June 29, 2008


On Saturday, I went with my mother to to theatre and we saw the much anticipated Wanted. It was AMAZING!!! I can honestly say that this movie was the best this summer has to offer. So, it was gorry at times and quite violent, but it's well worth it to see the unpredictable twist at the end! The acting and dialogue was wonderful and the action is something that just blows you away! When the Matrix came out, it was a materpiece and completely out of this world....this blows it out of the ball park! Obviously, I wouldn't take small children to see it, but if my mom (who only watches cheeky comedies and love stories) enjoyed every second of it and laughed as hard as I did, then even people who hate action will love this film!


MUD said...

How did it compare to the Indy movie? MUD

Manda said...

AMAZING. both movies were wonderful, but this one is just better written and more visually stimulating. There was less foul language and gore in Indy, but what can you's just how Indy does it! I liked them both and would see both of them again (and will definately own them both on DVD), but as far as what got my heart racing...without a doubt: Wanted.